AVIGuk is an association of accredited practitioners of VIG and those in training.  AVIGuk does not directly provide training but it regulates training in the UK and facilitates communication between those interested in training and available training opportunities.

Training to be a practitioner

Initial Training Course

This 2-day course is the essential starting point.  It provides the background to VIG and orientates participants towards the underlying value system and how this affects practice.  Participants get the opportunity to practice using the technique in a small group.  The cost of this course is set by the trainer but is likely to be around £375 - £475

Supervised practice

To become accredited, trainees are expected to work with a minimum of 6 clients and to undertake 18 cycles of VIG (a cycle consists taking a film and doing a shared review of the clips with the client).  Each trainee normally requires 15 hours individual supervision with an accredited supervisor.

Mid-point day

About halfway through, there is a further training day.  This provides an opportunity for trainees to present their VIG work to a different supervisor focusing on the core skills, and to receiving training in more advanced skills.


At the end of the process, a different supervisor will review the trainee’s work with him or her.  The successful candidate will subsequently be registered with AVIGuk as an accredited practitioner and may practice independently.

Expected Cost

The cost of the training (excluding the Initial Training Course) is around £1500.  This covers 15 hours of supervision (£1200, mid-point day (£160), AVIGuk registration £60, accreditation and certification (£80).  If an in-house supervisor is used, the cost will be £300.

People who have taken part in VIG-type activities or training prior to their registration with AVIGuk, may apply to have this recognised.  If you think this may apply to you, get in touch.

Here are the details of accredited practitioner training in table form

Getting Started

There are two ways to get started.

Consult the list of upcoming introductory training courses listed under the 'courses' tab on this page and contact the organiser.  If none of the listed courses fits your needs, consult the trainer directory on this website  and contact a supervisor in your area.  If you are stuck, contact AVIGuk directly and we will put you in touch with a supervisor locally.

Fees are set by the organiser and may vary depending on the particular package sought.  For example, many trainees pay for a combined training and supervision package.  The information below is for general guidance only as fees are not set by the association.

As an individual, the Initial Training Course to get you started is at present between £375 and £450.  This may be less if a group rate is negotiated with a provider.

After the Initial Training Course you are ready to start VIG with a client under supervision by an AVIGuk accredited supervisor.  You could then expect to pay £1500 for all the further elements, supervision, transitional assessments, final accreditation and registration.  You could expect to complete the process in 12-18 months.  However, these are not up-front costs as many people only commit themselves to the initial course to start with and the timing of supervision costs etc. are negotiable thereafter. And again a group rate can be a more economical way to contract a supervisor's time.

You can take up supervision for up to 3 years after the ITC. After that, a refresher ITC ( or equivalent) must be completed.

Possible costings for complete VIG training

These are not set by AVIGuk and are placed here to help those making funding bids.

and two excel sheets, one for accredited practitioner and the other for advanced practitioner and supervisor

Still not sure if VIG is for you?

Members of the association are regularly invited to give talks to organisations that are considering becoming involved.  These talks are free of charge.  If you would like to request this, contact a supervisor or you can contact AVIGuk directly and we will put you in touch with a suitable supervisor.
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