Information for Parents and Carers who are interested in Video Interaction Guidance

What is VIG?

 VIG is a fast growing way of working with families. The principles and practice can be used with any relationships.  There are VIG  practitioners working across the UK using it with many different families in a wide range of different circumstances.

Where does VIG come from?

VIG is a new and exciting way of working. The birthplace for VIG was the Netherlands and it was first brought to the UK in the mid 1990s-looking at the very subtle and natural ways that babies and their parents communicate was the starting point. When the Dutch researchers took films of  families and looked for these ‘moments of vitality’ VIG was born!

Does it work?

The evidence for VIG has been growing over the last 20 years. Studies that combine information from lots of different research show that using video feedback reduces parental stress and increases confidence in parenting. It is recommended in the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines  for children’s attachment.

Is VIG for me?

VIG uses videos of people in everyday situations to improve communication and to find  ways of getting on better.  People are often unsure about seeing themselves on film but nearly everyone is surprised by how good VIG makes them feel!  But don't take our word for it.  Listen to some parents.

VIG in Bolton

VIG in Cornwall

What happens in VIG sessions?

 When you first meet with your VIG worker (called a practitioner) you will set some goals for change.  This is often the first step in moving towards a better future with your family. The VIG practitioner will then arrange to meet with you and your child to take a short video. This is often in your own home but maybe wherever you both feel most relaxed. VIG looks at building on strengths so we want films that show when you are getting along. Your VIG practitioner will then look at the films and pick out successful moments to show to you the next time you meet.  You will get a very good idea of how it works from the animation on the home page.

How many meetings will there be?

It depends. Most families find that three of these films and discussions (called shared reviews) are enough to make progress towards their goals but this will be thought about with your VIG practitioner.

What happens to the videos?

This varies depending on the organization that your VIG practitioner works for. They will be kept securely and it is important that this is discussed  with you. Your VIG practitioner will also agree with you who will have consent to see the films. It is sometimes possible for you to keep copies of the clips. You can ask about this.

What Code of Conduct applies to practitioners?

We aim to protect the public in various ways:

  • We set standards of conduct, performance and ethical practice through our core values and beliefs which are communicated to our registrants.
  • We set standards for registrants' training to ensure that all those completing an approved AVIGuk training meet the standards of proficiency required at each level of training.
  • We maintain a database of professionals who meet these standards.
  • We set standards of continuing professional development for all registrants.
  • Anyone interested may view more detail on the page VIG Practitioners Privileges and Obligations
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